Longacre Radio Box

A great innovation from Longacre, and the perfect place to put your radios while you're out for your session. This piece from Longacre bolts to either 1.5" or 1.75" bars (be sure to select the right part below) and has a padded bag to keep your radios from self-destructing while you explore the marbles and/or rumbles during your hotlaps.

Part Bar Size Price Purchase
LA 22561 Radio Box for 1.75in Bar $69.99
LA 22563 Radio Box for 1.5in Bar $69.99

Plastic Radio Box and Clamps for Rollbar Attachment

Nice plastic box for mounting your radio in the vehicle. Features removable foam padding and adjustable clamps for attaching to roll bar.

Part Price Purchase
R P RADBOX $29.99