Is your LED indicator Yellow or Red? Having issues with your intercom?

LED Indicator is not green:

  • The LED indicator at the top of the unit reflects the battery status. As a battery is drained, the LED will change from GREEN to YELLOW. When the indicator turns RED, the intercom will work for a limited time period. During this time performance will suffer and it is advised the battery should be replaced or recharged immediately.

Volume Level is too high or low:

  • Start by adjusting your mic, making sure it is within “kissing” distance directly in front of your mouth.
  • Adjust the volume as needed. This intercom is a “full duplex” system, meaning you will be able to hear yourself when speaking. Testing with your own voice will aid in the placement of the microphone. When using the Trac-Com Student Headset, make sure the rubber ear cup is positioned directly over your ear canal for optimum results.

Static or Interference? 

  • When testing a Trac-Com unit at home, it's possible you may hear a slight static or white noise. This may seem problematic, however it's within spec of the device. Once out of the Race Track, this light background noise is virtually indistinguishable from the other loud sounds. What will remain is the crystal clear communication between driver and passengers.
  • Below are some tips for drivers experiencing issues on track. 
  • Ensure the cables are properly connected.
  • Placing cell phones near the unit may cause interference.
  • Be advised on modified vehicles, the Trac-Com may pick up interference from the motor.

If you are still experiencing these issues or any additional problems, please contact us directly. Your Trac-Com may require servicing.