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What kind of helmets does this work with?
  • Trac-Com products can be used with any helmet. Accessories such as the Student Boom can quickly be inserted into any helmet, regardless the model. There are also Trac-Com Speaker kits which can be installed in many helmets, offering a more permanent option.

Do I need to have a built in helmet kit already?
  • Nope! Trac-Com Student Booms and Speaker kits can be used in most helmets!

Can I use my Stilo electronics?
  • Absolutely! Trac-Com products are fully compatible with Stilo and many other helmet brands. Drivers will just need to select the correct helmet adapter to ensure the proper connections can be made.

What generation Headsets work with Trac-Com V2?
  • Trac-Com accessories are backwards compatible! Older Version 1 Trac-Com Booms and helmet kits will work with newer Trac-Com units. Drivers can also purchase the newer Version 2 Student booms or Headsets for use on their original Trac-Coms'.

Can I use my Chatterbox Headset with this intercom?
  • No, Chatterbox Headsets and Student Booms are not compatible with Trac-Com intercoms. These items use a more basic type of audio processing and aren't able to effectively work with the Trac-Com.

Where do I mount the Trac-Com in my Car?
  • The Trac-Com unit includes a belt clip, which can be used to secure the device to a driver or passengers seatbelt

What is the AUX port for?
  • The AUX port on the front of the Trac-Com allows audio to be shared from the device to an external source, such as a camera. Drivers can use this to add audio to their GO Pro footage, including adding narration.