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RaceCom Service Requests:

  • Items that are out of warranty or damaged by customer may be repaired by the RaceCom
  • Customer is responsible for shipping items both way 

Flat Rate Repair Charges: 

  • Car Harness Repair: $50
  • Trac-Com Intercom: $20
  • Student Boom: $20

Radio Programing:

  • Radio's purchased from HMS Motorsport or Racecom will receive their initial programing at no cost. This programing information will be stored on file and can be accessed later. 
  • If a customer purchases a radio elsewhere, or would like their radio programed for the second time, a programing charge will be applied. 
  • Customers are responsible for paying shipping to and from HMS Motorsport. 
  • Radios will be programed within 7 business days of receipt. 


  • To begin the repair process, contact HMS Motorsport using the contact info below. 
  • 978-774-1615