SoundGear Custom Race Molds

SoundGear Racing Receivers offer superior sound quality on the track. The high quality materials and expert fit isolate sound so that you hear communication clearly, while reducing external noise that can be both distracting and damaging to your hearing. 

  • Racing molds are used by amateur and professional drivers for quality one-way listening communication.
  • The custom design allows maximum comfort and durability and provides excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet. 
  • Comes standard with
  • 21 inch cord length (Red & Blue cords)
  • Black cords available.
  • Customizable cord lengths.
  • Mono 1/8 inch jack plug-Switchcraft 750 plug.
  • Additional jack options available.
  • Option for Monaural or Binaural receiver
  • Many color options available 

Please Note:

This product is not available for order online. Please call for special order status.