Hytera BD-502 UHF Digital Radio Refurbished

Entry level digital radio from Hytera! Affordable and lightweight with a long-lasting battery. Digital radios are becoming more popular. The two main factors are signal quality and signal strength. Digital radios are crystal clear and the range is about 25% more than analog radios! Another benefit is battery life is longer. Compatible with Motorola 2-pin accessories.

  • RUGGED AND RELIABLE: BD502 is designed and tested to meet Military Standards 810 C, D, E, F and G, including temperature shock, vibration, high & low temperature and humidity. IP54 dust- and water-proof design guarantees the reliability in different environments. And based on TDMA technology, the radio can work longer, up to 22 hours in digital mode.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: With innovative design, BD502 has a better performance than analog radios. An excellent receiving ability makes the communication range extend further. What's more, BD502 is a DMR digital radio with good performance of anti-interference, providing purely stable communication.
  • CLEAR VOICE: With digital encoding and correction technology, human voice is transmitted much clearer without background noise, even from a rather far distance.This is a new experience of better audio quality.
  • ANALOG & DIGITAL DUAL MODES: BD502 can support both analog and digital modes on the same hardware. You can switch between two operation modes very easily and it helps you to communicate with analog radios.
  • ANALOG & DIGITAL AUTO DETECT: BD502 can detect the signal type when receiving a call, then automatically switches between analog mode and digital mode to get the voice out of the speaker. During the call hang time, users can easily reply the call by push-to-talk. This is a real migration technology from analog to digital.
  • EXTENDED TALK RANGE: Greatly extend your talk range based on Hytera's innovative technology.
  • LONG WORKING TIME: Based on TDMA technology, BD502 in digital mode can work as long as 16 hours @ 1500mAh or 22 hours @2000mAh in 5-5-90 mode.
  • CLEAR VOICE: Excellent audio quality comes from the DMR digital technology, which makes the communication more reliable.
  • RELIABLE AND DURABLE: BD502 is compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP54.
  • ANTI-INTERFERENCE: Adopting digital encoding and error correcting module, BD502 can have a better ability to avoid signal interference on the same frequency.
  • DMR SIGNALING: With DMR signaling, transmitting group calls, private calls and all calls with PTT ID becomes quite easy.
  • REPEATER MODE OPERATION: Utilize a DMR Tier II repeater to extend your communication range.
  • VOICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Channel number announcement helps you to switch channels quickly and correctly, even in blindness operation.
  • DUAL CAPACITY DIRECT MODE: In direct mode, you can have two voice calls simultaneously from DMR two time slots. This feature can be used to increase the radio capacity at no extra costs or frequency license.
  • VOX: This feature allows you to activate the radio microphone via speaking volume, and free your hand from PTT.
  • SCANNING: Allow BD502 listening to communication activities on other channels.
  • All refurbished RaceCom products are throughly evaluated for damage and are fully functional. Items are in "lightly-used" condition, and may have writing, stickers, or other identifying marks from previous owners.
  • Radio's include a single battery, and charger. Original packaging will not be included. 
  • Refurb radios are eligible to be custom programmed during purchase at no additional charge. 
  • Refurb items do not have any warranty. 

Price: $ 209.00



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