Digital Radio Kit

Featuring powerful, digital radios that are packed with features such as scanning, encryption, and one-touch call back capability. Digital radios are able to use their power more efficiently which translates to a clearer, more crisp, transmission over a range greater than traditional analog systems. 

  • Many options available to customize radio kit to your specifications
  • Can be integrated directly to the electronics you already have in your helmet
  • Digital radios have 20-25% further range and longer battery life than analog radios.

If you know your frequencies and privacy codes shoot us an email with your order so we can program the radio accordingly.

Stilo kits DO NOT include helmet kit or earbuds.

Extended Range Kit includeds an Antenna Kit with Radio Adapter

    • Radios

      (2) BD-502i

    • Car Harness (determined by kit)



      Customizable ($40-$50 up-charge depending on requirements)

    • Push To Talk

      Velcro Strap (R PTT VELCRO)

    • Crew Headset

      Platinum two-way headset (R HS PLATPRO)

    • Headset Cable

      Plugs into Hytera Handheld from platinum headset (R HS HYTM1-DMR)

    • Helmet Kit

      IMSA Straight Connector 10" (R HK IMSA)

      Customizable ($20-$30 up-charge depending on requirements)

      Stilo kits do not include helmet kit or earbuds

    • Earbuds

      Foam earbuds (R P FMEART)

      Earbuds not included with Stilo kit

    • Radio Box

      Rollbar Mounted, clamps included (R P RADBOX)

  • Analog Vs Digital Radios


Price Range: $ 1249.00 - $ 1399.00



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