Analog Radio Crew Package

Complete analog kit for adding a crew member to your existing analog radio system.

This crew package includes a standard radio that has minimal features but allow for good communication over an impressive distance. It is complete with everything a team member would need to stay in touch with a driver on track.

*Please contact us with your frequencies and privacy codes so we can program your new radio to work with your current radio system*

**If you are purchasing a new radio system from us and the add a crew kit simultaneously, we will provide you with a set of frequencies**

    • Radio

      (1) TC-508 Radio

    • Crew Headset

      (1) Platinum two-way headset (R HS PLATPRO)

    • Headset Cable

      (1) Plugs into Hytera Handheld from platinum headset (R HS HYTM1-DMR)

  • Analog Vs Digital Radios


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